Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lazy Blogger....Giveaway Winners, New Giveaway coming, Work and Home

It is already the middle of January and I have been horribly lax about keeping up with my blog. It is time to get moving again. I think I was a little burnt out - with most of my TV shows still on hiatus, I have been taking advantage of the time to squeeze in some reading and making jewelry.

I contacted Tamara B, the Mrs. Butterworth winner (comment #4) and Emmy Coffee (comment #17), the very lucky PopArt Pixies giveaway winner! Congrats ladies :)
It is January so a lot of people are interested in a fresh start, including new health and fitness goals. To commemorate new beginnings and a healthier you, I have a fun Progresso fitness oriented Giveaway coming up. I also will be sharing more information on our Crayola NYC trip as promised.

A quick update on our hectic lives. I am the cookie mom for Miss E.'s Girl Scout Troop so my guess is that I will be consumed with that and with work for the next few weeks. I have taken on new responsibilities with my role and there is a small learning curve, which I am trying to balance with my other responsibilities.

The girls are finally helping out more at home (with a little lot of cajoling). That really does somewhat lessen the burden, even if I have to repetitively ask. Miss N. switched from gymnastics to dance and Miss C. is very involved with GSA (Gay Student Alliance), hip hop and her friends. Between all three girls I feel like a taxi service between after school activities, extra-curricular activities, sleepovers, "mall-drops" etc.,

At home my primary goal is to get our puppy to stop chewing everything up - he even chewed up a pocket mirror! The kids are SLOWLY learning not to leave their items out and to instead leave their possessions in their rooms and then close the door. So far the puppy has destroyed 2 Nintendo DS games, lip glosses, pens, all my throw pillows, a good number of stuffed animals, my best pair of shoes, Miss E.'s new Shel Silverstein book and both rugs in the living room and dining room. I am sure I am forgetting at least a hundred other items. He even chewed the tags off of his collar. How I do not know, but he managed to do so. In addition to eating everything, he is still marking his territory around the house. We will be cleaning the carpets (again) this weekend; this time the upstairs. We have beautiful freshly painted walls but I refuse to purchase anything to decorate with until he stops shredding everything with his teeth.

I should be posting more this weekend so check back.

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