Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday was mostly good.

I was supposed to have the day off today but ended up working half the day.  The girls were not behaving well today at all.  This morning they were playing ball in the house, something we have asked them not do do at least a few hundred times.  I heard a large crash and then a silent pause, quick whispers and then nonchalant "oh, wow, look what happened" type conversation.  I became very angry, said as much and sent them up to their rooms.  There was no arguing and no stalling - both immediately headed up to their rooms with a sheepish, guilty look on their little faces. 

The hardwoods are scratched and the paint on the wall is scratched and chipped as well but luckily neither were hurt.  Miss C. came down and helped me sweep and vacuum the glass from the carpet and floor.
 After that I vacuumed the rest of the house, I cleaned the carpet and mopped the floors.  The floors were wet so I asked the girls to stay out of the kitchen.

Shortly after cleaning Miss E. called her friend- for some reason she cannot sit when she is on the phone, she walks room to room through the entire house.  When on the phone in the middle of a conversation she came running into the kitchen.  I heard a large skid and fall.  I turned around to see her on the floor.  She kept her cool, but I could tell she was about to cry.  She simply told her friend "I have to go now" and hung up.  As soon as the line was disconnected we had a lot of tears.

Both girls were arguing and physically fighting all day - they really do not get physical too much anymore but I feel like the entire day was spent sending them to their rooms.  Tonight Ryan dropped Miss C. off at a friends and decided to take the two little ones over the neighbors - every night since the tornado the neighbors have been banding together to cook, support one another, feed the volunteers and victims, etc.  Tonight our next door neighbors are hosting a shrimp bowl.  I had a migraine earlier so stayed in while Ryan took the little girls.

Just now both girls just came running in with 2 huge bags of candy, each.  Miss N. excitedly said she might go be on the news.  She was talking so fast I could not understand what she was saying and had to ask her to repeat what she was saying 3 times.  She finally slowed down.   Apparently a volunteer group came in as well and had purchased Easter candy for kids in the neighborhoods and the news crew was filming the get together.  Even for those of us who did not lose our homes, the aftermath of the tornado has been a traumatic experience for everyone.  I thought that it was a very thoughtful gesture.  

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Kelly @Indiana Inker said...

Oh my! What an experience! There has been a lot of unusual weather over the past several months. I live in IN and we've had a heavy winter, and now lots of rain and storms with more on the way for the next several days. Glad to hear your house wasn't hit, but do feel sorry for the ones that were. So sad....

Visiting you from The Tween and Me.


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