Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Almost Naked Animals DVD Review

On September 25, 2012 Volume 1 of Almost Naked Animals, Cartoon Network’s top-rated animated series for kids aged 6-11, will be available on DVD. I had the opportunity to review this before the release!

Miss E. has lately taken to watching movies in her room on a portable DVD player. When I gave this to Miss E. she was SO excited and said that she loved the show.  I had no idea she had even seen it before!  The show came out in 2011 so is relatively new.

Naked Animals is a cartoon that features several goofy animals wearing their skivvies and working and/or living at a Cabana otherwise known as Banana Cabana.  The lead, Howie, head dog, and his crew undertake on various hysterical adventures each episode.

Check out the cute clips below:

In addition to the DVD release there is some more fun on the horizon:
· The Almost Naked Animals “Online Super Game” will also launch on September 25th

· Café Press (I LOVE Café Press)  has partnered with 9 Story Entertainment to launch a new online store on September 25th, featuring Almost Naked Animals t-shirts, notebooks and more.  You can click the link to see what items are available now :)

This is a really cute DVD for school aged kids.  With a little adult humor thrown in here and there, it is also something you may enjoy watching with the kiddos.

Thank you to Child'sPlay Communications for this review opportunity.  I received a small gift pack and DVD for review purposes.  All opinions expressed are my own.


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