Saturday, December 13, 2008

potential, possibility, promise and progress

what are your plans are for 2009?  What will you do to improve your life - will it be busier? more organized? more relaxed? A new year brings promise.

OK - so here are mine.....
New Years resolutions are made as we look to enrich our lives. Alas, these are often quickly made and quickly forgotten (at least my resolutions are). The best thing about a resolution though is the hint of lasting change.

Any milestone gives you a great stepping stone to assess your life, look for area of improvement and do it - 2009 brings me the big "40" thus now is the time to stick with those plans and resolutions. Life is short! I want to do so many things! Of course I will to continue on my journey of going green. I will also keep looking for activities that both the girls and I enjoy to give us more quality time together.

Travel is on the agenda - I plan to make it home over the summer to spend time with my family. My 40th will be spent in Vegas.

The old "lose weight" and "quit smoking" are sure to make the list. (Realistically, I am not even going to attempt adding working out). I also want to try new things - learn how to cook new foods, take up soapmaking, volunteer at the food bank, decorate my home or write a book. I am very organized at home (to the point where things are color coded and labeled) but my days are very unorganized and chaotic. I want to streamline my life - take better notes, keep appointments, remember simple things. I also would LOVE to open an ETSY shop - selling my artwork, beadwork and craft of the day (I am fickle so this changes frequently). Designmom had a post on how to make your own vanilla extract and vanilla sugar. Of course I want to try that too.

This time next year I will be doing a pulse check. Hopefully some resolutions will be kept and shared. If not, there is always 2010 and 41.....

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