Monday, December 15, 2008

today we baked

Time to bake again with Miss E. and Miss N. We made double batches of EVERYTHING. Although I intended for this to be fun we had a few accidents - Miss E. dropped a carton of eggs and Miss N. dropped both the mixer AND an entire bowl full of mixed batter. Miraculously all survived - the eggs were cracked but usable. The bowl dropped and slightly tipped but we were able to salvage the batter. The mixer still works fine. Miss C. was out and missed all of the fun.....

What did we bake?
- Waffles (yes again) - We replenished our supply and the freezer is now well stocked. This should tide us over for a week or two. These are SOOO much better than storebought frozen bagels. Plus 1 waffle does the trick for my kids. With the store bought ones, it takes 2 or 3 to satisfy their hungry tummies.

- Pizzelles - This was a work in progress. You can definitely tell which ones were the first in my batch and which ones were made after I got the swing of things. I froze a bunch - some for a pot luck at work later this week and a few more for when my parents come in next week. My dad loves these.

- And last but certainly not least, my famous Pumpkin Bread - Everyone loves this. My husband's boss kept harrassing him to have me bring in more so I have baked 4 batches this winter. I will post the recipe tomorrow. I have 2 that I use and both are fabu. Today I made a hybrid of both.

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