Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I survived!

I survived and shock of shockers - actually had a great time.

Milestone birthday - made it through without disappointment or drama. (Much unlike my LAST milestone b-day where I pouted and carried on the entire day).

It was much more enjoyable to have a good time then to be depressed about the inevitable! My only regret is that I ate WAY too much. All day I kept saying "It's my birthday!" as an excuse.

My friend Susan took me out to lunch for sushi and pot stickers. Before we headed back to work we stopped at the candy store. I was thrilled to see that they carried Sponge Candy, (although at this store it was called "Sea Foam" candy). Apparently calling it sponge candy is a Northern thing. Sponge candy is my ALL TIME favorite chocolate candy. I have not had it in years. In my excitement over my "find" I ate enough to make up for the years I was deprived of my favorite treat. After work we had end of year gymanastics competition 3 and went out to eat afterward. I just got home and am going to veg out on the couch until I get tired and go to bed. With all I ate I don't have the energy to do much of anything else.

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Unknown said...

Happy Belated Birthday- I keep telling myself that each year I am getting better and better- and so far it seems to work.

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