Friday, February 26, 2010

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Life is busy as normal! My oldest daughter is trying out for some sort of musical at school. She is also taking dance 2x a week, contemporary and hip hop :) My middle child should be invited to participate on the competitive team in gymnastics this spring so I am mentally preparing for longer and more frequent gym sessions, higher tuition rates and regular travel in the spring. Finally Miss E. is in martial arts, which her dad teaches, but would like to try something new. I am thinking she would love scouts, theatre or dance. We will have to see what works with our crazy schedules.

Today I pretty much ate wonderful food all day. I had a fantastic lunch with a co-worker and vendor at a contemporary Mexican restaurant by my workplace. I tried the Chipotle Chicken Enrollado for lunch (flour tortilla filled with chicken breast, mixed greens, salsa, chipotle aioli and goat cheese). I have eaten at this restaurant on many occasions but this is the best dish I have ever ordered. It was absolutely delicious.

Tonight Ryan, the girls and I met up with my friend Anna, her husband and daughter for dinner at Ragazzi's. For dinner I ordered Linguine in red clam sauce with garlic and mushrooms. That was pretty fantastic also. Now I feel like I need to work out but that will have to wait until tomorrow.

I am not sure what we will be doing the rest of the weekend.

I cleaned my blog up tonight - updated my sponsor list and my partnership buttons on my sidebar. I only kept the ones you are still active and who I will continue to work with.

I will be posting a few great giveaways and reviews coming up in the next couple of weeks:

Reviews: - Corningware Creations 5 Piece Bake and Serve Set in Khaki
Frownies - Face Lift in a Bag
Wall Slicks - Eiffel Towel vinyl wall decal sticker

* I have also been selected to participate in an Ambassador Program - more information to follow on that in the coming weeks.

Review and Giveaway:
Surprise NEW bath, body and skincare line!
Flirty Aprons

I will leave on that positive note so stay tuned and until next time, everyone have a wonderful weekend!


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