Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Ryan, the girls and I cleaned the entire house yesterday (mostly Ryan and myself). Actually I did all of the cleaning, dishes, laundry, etc and Ryan cleaned the carpets. I generally take about an hour to clean the carpets. He took 4 hours (between intervals of watching the ACC tournament). Now I know why the carpeting always looks better when he does the job.

Today Ryan has the girls at the mall. I started dinner - I used a modified version of the recipe HERE. I also made myself a tuna sandwich. I won't let Ryan make me his version of Tuna - it is more like soup. I don't know how he can eat that. I prepare mine with 2 tsps of mayo, dill and onion seasoning, celery. It tastes great and is not drowning in mayo.

I have a couple of more giveaways to post, a million emails to go through, etc. I should get a headstart on work but I will get a very early start tomorrow to catch up instead.

Love lazy Sundays.

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