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Oliver's Labels - Review (03/26/2011)

Tired of your child coming home and missing items? How about listening to arguments at home about what is "mine".   I can usually tell whose items are whose but my husband never can! Although the girls almost 2 years apart, Miss N. and Miss E. are now very close in size and even I can no longer always tell who owns what.  If I cannot determine the rightful owner of a specific item, I am pretty sure my husband or a teacher with over 20 kids in class is not going to be able to either..... Oliver's Labels to the rescue!


These are great, innovative personalized labels. What is so special outside of the personalization? These labels are durable!  "Oliver's Labels makes high quality waterproof labels and tags to stick on all your kids' stuff. Our labels are dishwasher & laundry safe and will never fade, scuff or peel."

Wow - I was sold right there!  We were so excited when we received our labels - we loved the mini-labels and selected the polka dot pattern in the mini-labels ($19.99).  The labels were very nice - we received a nice variety of colors and shapes with the polka dot option.  The company was great and sent me packages for both younger girls.  Here are some areas I thought of:

Daycare or School:     Home
bottles                           containers
sippy cups                     cups
wipe containers             bottles
outerwear                      Toys
insides of shoes             books
backpack                       MP3 players
lunch bags                     journals
pencil case                    personal care items
jackets / coats

Sports:                   Scouts:
uniforms                   vests
equipment                camping gear
bags                        first aid kit
water bottles            duffel bag
shoes                      mess kit

Some of the labels even have a 'Found It" option - if your child loses an item there is a number.  Your number is attached to your email address.  The finder can simply email you so you can make arrangements for return.

At home I am always putting cups in the dishwasher because I never know whose is whose and the girls cannot remember what color they last selected.  Now they are splitting the cups evenly and labeling so we will always know whose cup is whose.  Besides peace of mind and less arguing, this is a great water saver too!  

At you can shop by the type of label or by the design.  I love the polka dots, rococo and London bouquet.  Love designers?  Check out the Missoni, Betsy Johnson and Pucci themed labels....

Another product I think is fabulous is for the child with allergies.   Oliver's labels offers a line of allergy labels
 No Nuts, No Dairy, No Seafood, No Gluten, and No eggs - Extra peace of mind! 

Oliver's labels also offers variety packs - choose from starter pack, preschool pack, clothing package, school package, and camp package.

Find out more about Oliver's Labels at   You can also follow on Facebook or Twitter to find out about new products, specials and promotions.   You can also check out the FAQs for any questions you may have.

I did not receive compensation for this review.  I did receive two packages of labels for review purposes.  For more information on this blog and on my posting practices, please refer to the disclosure policy below at the bottom of the page.

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